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The new generation iDealer brdige dealing machine of Zhejiang university is a high-tech patent product that integrates optical, mechanical and electrical integration based on computer image recognition. Since 2002, Zhejiang university opto-electromechanical integration technology center has been dedicated to the research of Chinese high performance dealing machine, and has obtained a number of patents related to dealing machine. The first generation of dealing machine (Chinese patent number :ZL200510061315.8), which was sold in 2006, is the world's first dealing machine based on image recognition.

Jin-Cheng-Jian iDealer dispenser is jointly developed by modern manufacturing engineering research institute of Zhejiang university and Beijing Jin Cheng Jian bridge supplies co., LTD. iDealer is the most stable image recognition, the fastest dealing and the easiest to operate dealing machine in the market. At the same time the dealing machine and its supporting software integration of a number of original practical functions, but also the current market is the most cost-effective, the number of domestic customers, the most perfect after-sales service of the new generation of domestic dealing machine.

At present, the iDealer dealing machine is the preferred product for competitions held by China bridge association and other national bridge associations, which is worthy of your trust! To contribute to the development of Chinese bridge is our unremitting pursuit!
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